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CARES Act – Who is a ‘Qualified Individual’?

Linda R. Visconti, QKA 

Retirement Plan Administrator, Tycor

By now you have heard about the many provisions in the CARES Act that was signed on March 27, 2020. Many of us are trying to wrap our minds around the myriad of new distributions, loans and other legislation that affect retirement plans. But before processing or even considering if your plan will allow for some of these optional provisions, you must know who the ‘Qualified Individual’ is who can request these benefits.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE  

2020 RMD for Thee? Mayhaps. 

Patricia Hansen, QPA, ERPA 

Senior Pension Administrator, Tycor

The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed into law on March 27, 2020, and created many additional qualified plan-related provisions, one of which was to relax the 2020 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirements for certain plans. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE