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Routine Care Amidst the COVID 19 Crisis

Anne Praino

Employee Benefits Specialist

As we practice social distancing and adhere to the guidelines recommended by the CDC, many of us over these past few months have lost touch with the impact this behavior may have on our health, outside of being afflicted by the virus   READ FULL ARTICLE HERE  

Keeping Your Mental Health Game Strong

Ashley Sicilia

Employee Benefits Assistant

We are all trying to  keep our sanity, plain and simple. Not being able to go places or see friends and family (or seeing too much of them) can have a detrimental effect on us. We’re sure you’ve probably heard tips on how to “keep busy” or how to adapt to working from home, etc... But what about how to keep mentally healthy? We are providing you with a couple of to-the-point tips on how to do that. Let’s dive in. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE