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Retirement Plan Investments

Client Centered

Selecting the right employee retirement plan to meet the needs of your company is an important decision. Deciding where to invest the money is even more important! As a plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary duty to invest the money on behalf of your participants, or provide them a robust investment platform that enables them to do it for themselves.

For many, this can be an intimidating, overwhelming task, but one that is critical in helping your employees prepare for retirement -- to Live Well and Retire Comfortably.

A partnership that guides you towards your future

As a fiduciary, your liability is personal; it is not protected by any corporate entity structure. When it becomes personal, it becomes critical that you partner with professionals that guide you through the decision-making process.

Did you know that process is key in establishing a solid investment program for your retirement plan? Our licensed investment professionals act as a co-fiduciary on your plan, making it just as personal for them as it is for you!

At Tycor, we have access to a wide variety of record keeping platforms for retirement plans that aim to give employees options and flexibility in order to make their own investment choices, and can offer carefully constructed investment portfolios for plans where the trustee is to make all the investment decisions.

We have developed a sound fiduciary process to follow and will:

  • Work with you to develop an Investment Policy Statement that describes the process to select an initial investment menu or strategy for your plan.
  • Assist you in additional, important ways. As your job doesn’t end when the investment menu is selected, the fiduciary process requires ongoing and proactive monitoring of the funds, fees, and changes in the investment marketplace. We have system for that too! We provide quarterly monitoring reports and proactively recommend any changes needed to help you stay in compliance.
  • Document everything, an often overlooked part of the process.
  • Partner with you to create an Education Policy Statement. This piece of the puzzle is critical, and is commonly overlooked. You can have the best program available, but if your employees don’t understand it, what good is it?
  • Conduct periodic group and individual employee meetings in order to educate them on the benefit of the plan, how to invest for the future, and provide them with additional tools and knowledge to help them make important financial decisions along their journey towards retirement.

Are you ready to Live Well, Retire Comfortably?

The retirement plan landscape is full of regulatory complexities. Partner with Tycor to help keep you informed, in compliance, and to assist you and your employees on your journey to Live Well and Retire Comfortably! Contact us today.