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Financial Planning Services for Business Owners and Their Employees


What are your long-term financial goals?

Part of planning for and maximizing your potential for success goes beyond insurance and retirement plans. It’s about putting all the information available to you together in a comprehensive package to help you stay on the path to success for yourself and the future of your business. Options for saving and managing your finances can seem endless. With all of the information available to us today, you can easily become confused with all of the “advice” that comes your way.

The right approach to financial planning makes all the difference

In order to assist you in this process, we utilize the Tycor Guidance System. This system is our unique approach to financial planning, taking you through the following steps to construct a plan that inspires confidence and security for years to come:

  • Organize. We gather all the information about your current situation and answer any questions you may have.
  • Analyze. Using the information gathered, we use our expertise to review your circumstances for both threats and opportunities. We review short and long-term objectives and take industry trends into account.
  • Strategize. We partner with you and your advisors to develop recommendations for setting a course to help you achieve your goals within your budget.
  • Energize. Our support personnel assist you in completing paperwork, coordinating resources, and answering questions. For any programs that require ongoing administrative support, you’ll always have access to a team of professionals.
  • Memorialize. Once you have taken action towards your goals, Tycor will assist in making sure you have all the documentation you need to keep everything in order and communicate effectively with your family members and advisor team.

Your Partner and Complete Financial Resource

Utilizing the Tycor team as your insurance partner means you have access to financial specialists for every area for your business including employee benefit planning, qualified and non-qualified retirement planning, financial planning, and investment management. With one phone call, you can reach a professional in each area of specialty – and an entire team at your disposal to help ensure you’re making the most informed decisions for your future and the future of your business. All of us working together means we’ll have the capability to address your concerns and produce results in a holistic fashion that takes both your personal life and professional life into consideration. Rest easy knowing you have taken every strategic measure to live well and build a comfortable retirement.

Investment strategies that guide you towards your future

Are you overwhelmed by the investment options available to you? Or do you find that you try to research but find conflicting advice? Have you repeatedly felt there MUST be an easier way?

Comprehensive financial planning goes well beyond budgeting and taxes. We will help you preserve the work of a lifetime while creating a worthwhile legacy. In order to help you keep track of your wealth in one single point of access, we employ the Tycor Wealth Management System. This platform is a web based financial analysis and account aggregation system. Using your account will help you stay organized and in-the-know, as you securely view copies of all your financial accounts, tax and legal documents, insurance coverage, as well as your unique goals and strategic plans – and view updates in real time.

View the video to learn more about how we can help you!

Don’t need all that – and just want to know your account values?

Access and review your asset holdings and portfolio performance at any time through PartnerView. To register for PartnerView access, please contact

If you’d like to discuss your financial plan and find out more about what Tycor can do as your financial planning partner, contact us today.