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Group Insurance Plans

Does this sound familiar?
As an employer, do you ever wonder if you have the right benefits in place for your employees?
Do you have questions about how much you’re paying for those benefits?
Are you concerned about maintaining proper plan documentation and following all of the mandates for proper compliance?

As the responsibility rests on your shoulders, you need the right support to help alleviate your stress. It is critical to seek a partner and third party administrator that is in the best position to assist you with all your employee benefits from medical insurance to life and disability plans. You need a partner that helps you manage rising costs, and ensures you’re following the continually changing regulations that can directly impact employers.

A partnership designed to help you live well, retire comfortably

Tycor is uniquely positioned to help you manage every area of your group insurance plans for:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life & Disability
  • Supplemental Executive Benefits

What’s more, we’ll also work alongside you and help you administer your benefit plans to your employees. Many times employees do not completely understand their benefit programs or how they work. They have questions and concerns about how to best utilize what they are being offered. We’ll help you produce materials you need so employees can easily understand what is available to them, and our team will assist in fielding questions and concerns from your team.

You’ll no longer have to worry about compliance or benefit filings. Companies meeting certain requirements are obligated to file an annual report (Form 5500) with the Department of Labor. We’ll provide this important service to help you avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Live well knowing that you have covered your own family and those of your employees by offering competitive insurance options.

For more information on group insurance to drive your business forward, contact our team.


“Tycor is one of the most helpful, professional and knowledgeable companies that I have had the pleasure of interacting with during my 30-year career.”

- Medical Industry Client