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Employee Benefits Designed to Help You Live Well, Retire Comfortably

There is no such thing as a one-size- fits-all benefits package. Every company’s identity is unique and each faces different challenges and opportunities. In order to offer a competitive benefits package that enables your employees to live a life they love and plan for a comfortable retirement, you need to navigate and evaluate the many options for insurance plans, retirement plans and investment opportunities. This can be time consuming and distract you from your strategic goals, including the ability to move your business forward.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Navigating this process can be overwhelming on your own – but not with Tycor by your side. Our professionals work alongside you as a partner and help you evaluate the many options for insurance plans, retirement plans, investment opportunities and financial planning. We’ll help find the best combination that compliments any coverage you may already have while enhancing your offerings without unnecessary duplication. We are not only consultants who can help guide you through plan selection and design, but we’re also backed by an incredible team of administrative professionals that continue to serve your business throughout life. Allow Tycor to be your partner and help you determine what plan fits your business and achieves your goals.

Which employee benefit plans will help you reach your business goals? Our dedicated team assists you throughout the process including:

  • Designing a plan that takes your employee demographics and needs into account.
  • Administration services to help your team get the most out of their plan.
  • Compliance review to ensure you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties as the plan sponsor.
  • Transition assistance should your plan needs change or shift.
  • Retirement plan investment menu selection and monitoring process.

Whether you’re the CFO, HR manager, or owner of a business who wears many hats and functions in all of these roles, we can help you deploy and manage an effective employee benefits strategy. You will have access to a dedicated administrator to function as an extension of your benefits department. We’re just a phone call away for any questions as we assist with understanding and following plan document provisions, navigating websites for submitting or retrieving plan information, and performing the detailed compliance testing and reporting that a plan requires.

Put yourself in the best position to focus on your strategic objectives. Contact Tycor today and let us put together a plan that will create a path to a more secure retirement for both you and your employees.