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Wellness: No Excuses November

Wellness: No Excuses November

| October 25, 2022

What can you accomplish in one month without any excuses?  Yep, let’s get right to it. It’s November, and not just any old November, it’s No Excuses November.

Everyone makes excuses from time to time. It happens to the best of us. Why? For the simple fact that excuses allow us to rationalize not following through with a commitment we made. An excuse is an “out.” No harm, no foul.  But is it true? Are we actually hurting ourselves and others by allowing for this loophole that we can always pull from our back pocket?

There are several reasons why people make excuses. Fear, Failure, Uncertainty, Lack of Motivation...need I go on?  As humans, we strive for internal consistency. We want our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to all be aligned. Once we experience inconsistency, we search for how to resolve it, a source for the flaw. Enter: the excuse. We want to justify the discrepancy by adding new aspects or extenuating circumstances to the story.  (How to Stop Making Excuses, Complaining and Judging, n.d.)

It’s worth consideration though that when we make an excuse, we aren’t giving ourselves a shot to succeed. We may never actually know what we’re capable of if you always have an excuse ready and waiting.  Excuses could be hindering your career, new relationships and even your personal development.  The truth is that every excuse you make may be taking you further away from reaching your full potential. You could end up missing opportunities that you may never get back as well as losing the chance to build up those skills and talents that will inevitably contribute to your growth and progress both personally and professionally.  (Take Charge Of Your Life: 6 Ways to Stop Making Excuses Forever, n.d.)

So, this month, we are going to change the narrative. When you claim success, you are more likely to attain it. Rather than feeding our doubt and insecurity, we will make more room for success and less room for negativity. We will stop making excuses. In order to ensure success, start small. Make a directed and attainable commitment to yourself or to others that you will stick to all month and leave no room for excuses. Your goal can be personal or professional, physical, or spiritual. Need examples to get the ideas flowing?  Try going to bed earlier during the work week, take a designated break from technology daily, drink more water or keep a gratitude journal. Please join us this month in Tycor’s No Excuses November Challenge and start living a life without limits.  (Santos, n.d.)

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