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Wellness: March into Fitness

Wellness: March into Fitness

| February 23, 2024

In light of the fact that Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring last month, we need to turn our attention to the change of season sooner rather than later. Shedding our “winter coat” and getting geared up for cardio workouts is not always easy after months of snuggling on the sofa and binge-watching Netflix. Anyone else need to sweep away the cobwebs from your running shoes and fitness equipment? Rather than trying to get fit in a flash and leaping into a high intensity workout, I thought it might be more pleasant if we simply march…into March.

Marching in place is a movement that can be done at any age and in any space. It is a great cardio alternative because it raises your heart rate without putting excess stress on the body. You can stand in one spot, march your feet and get in an effective workout. The body’s two primary benefactors of marching in place are the hips and glutes. Marching in place enhances both your muscle and bone strength within your lower body, making it either a viable warm up for a more demanding exercise routine or a low impact workout in its own right. (Goodman)

Marching in place can also improve your balance, which is particularly beneficial as we get older. Balance issues are one of the main reasons that older people fall and one significant spill as an older adult can change one’s life forever. The movement of marching fosters a fundamental component of body movement known as dynamic balance control which is essentially maintaining both your posture and stability as your center of gravity shifts. Every time you march in place, your body undergoes a series of balance tests. So, the more you practice, the better your body’s ability to maintain this important function. (The low-impact benefits of a march-in-place workout, 2022)

For my beginners out there, marching in place might be a good introduction to a fitness regime. As always, please consult your physician before starting any exercise program. You may want a wall behind you or a chair in front of you for support. Stand up tall, keeping your back and legs straight. Start with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. As you bring your right arm forward, bring your left knee up. Then alternate. Depending on your fitness level, you can either bring your knees up high to your waist or keep your knees low. Start slow and pace yourself - literally - by either speeding up or slowing down. Then, once you have the motion down, you can challenge yourself by adding arm movements over your head to incorporate full body movement or mixing in some light weights. Please join us here at Tycor and follow along with our MARCH INTO FITNESS Challenge. Click HERE to download this month's calendar. (Kaines, 2019)

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