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Wellness: It's April and We're All About the Arms

Wellness: It's April and We're All About the Arms

| March 25, 2024

Welcome to April, yet another month closer to warm weather, BBQs and lazy days. While we may not reach temperatures high enough to beckon to that bathing suit in the back of the closet, we may be digging through those drawers by month’s end for a pair of shorts and a tank top. Wait a minute…did someone say tank top? I don’t know about you, but I am surely not ready to “bare all” with full arms exposed.

So what’s an effective tactic for those of you like me looking to tone up those arms for summer but with added benefits for overall health?  Answer. Tricep kickbacks. If you are unfamiliar with what I mean when I say triceps, the triceps muscle is the main muscle of the upper arm which consists of 3 parts (medial, lateral and long head) and gives the arm its shape. The muscle runs from the top of the shoulder to the elbow at the back of arm and is responsible for the extension of the elbow joint and the straightening of the arm. The Tricep Kickback is an effective method to strengthen and build that muscle. (Gasnick, 2022)

Now, let’s review the overall health benefits. Tricep kickbacks can relieve back pain. Because the tricep is located in the upper arm, it can help us lift heavy objects thus reducing stress on the lower spine. Tricep kickbacks are also an effective way to strengthen the core muscles, ultimately improving our posture. When you perform the exercise one arm at a time, you are engaging your core and torso for stability. Developing strong tricep muscles will help stabilize your shoulder and assist you with every day “lifting and pulling” movements which might include picking up bags of groceries, pushing a shopping cart, vacuuming, or closing the trunk of your car. (Pump Up Your Triceps: The Top 10 Benefits of Tricep Kickbacks)

So how is it done? The beauty of this exercise is you can start with very little weight until you get used to the movement. If you don’t have any light dumbbells at home, just use water bottles or a couple cans of green beans. That’s right--another exercise that can be done anywhere with whatever you have available. For my more advanced crew who are already familiar with this exercise, you can bump up to light weights. While there are a variety of ways to perform the tricep kickback (search online for videos, and diagrams), keep the following in mind to maximize its benefits and prevent injury. Keep the elbow elevated so the arm remains parallel to the floor. If you can’t keep your elbow up, drop the weight. Don’t let the torso sag. Engage the core and keep the back flat and strong. As a reminder, always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise regime. (Frey, 2021)

Please join us here at Tycor and follow along with this month’s ´╗┐Triceps Kickback Challenge (printable calendar). You decide if you want to do one arm at a time or both simultaneously. Kneel on a bench, sit on a chair or do them standing. Use resistance bands, barbells or canned corn, but whatever you do, make it All About the Arms!

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