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Walktober Wellness

Walktober Wellness

| September 26, 2022

Welcome to Walktober! The leaves are falling, the nights are getting downright chilly and Halloween looms before us. Wait, did I say Walktober? I did, and that’s because it’s also the time to celebrate this annual event that aims to encourage people to start walking more in the month of October. The colors and the climate of October provide for some ideal walking conditions which will not only keep us active but offer an eyeful of beauty along the way.

There is increasing evidence that long stretches of uninterrupted sitting can result in undesirable physical and emotional consequences.  In fact, sitting for more than seven or eight hours--a typical workday--may put those of us spending the day at our desks at risk for diabetes, depression, and obesity. The good news is that studies have been done to suggest that standing up and walking around for a few minutes every hour during the day could boost your mood, combat lethargy and even keep those hunger pangs at bay! (Reynolds, 2016)

Furthermore, an even newer study published in the journal, Sports Medicine found that just a short 2–5-minute walk after a meal can help lower your blood sugar as compared to simply sitting after lunch. Frequent spikes in blood sugar after eating a meal can cause the body to produce more insulin, which could over time increase the risk of developing prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Standing can help, but not to the level of walking. Not to mention, walking for many of us is also an excellent tool to clear the mind and aids in digestion. (Halnon, 2022)

These new studies are groundbreaking for those of us who can’t manage to find 30 minutes a day for aerobic activity or even 15 minutes for a “digestive stroll.”   But keep in mind that an extensive workout is not always necessary in order to create long-term sustainable habits. A little effort can go a long way when it comes to health benefits. (Garrity, 2022)

We’re going to start with an approachable and manageable challenge and hopefully gain all of its positive impacts. For the month of October, try to walk 2-5 minutes at least 3 times each week after lunch. The challenge is only requiring 3 days in consideration of scheduled time constraints that make the post-lunch trot impossible (meetings, webinars, phone calls). That being said, certainly feel free to take on 5 days a week if you can. Walktober is here...grab your walking shoes and take a lap!

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