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May Wellness: Windmill Our Way Through May!

May Wellness: Windmill Our Way Through May!

| April 25, 2023

National Windmill Day is observed on the second Saturday of every May. Windmills have served as manufacturing plants and sources of energy shaping the development of villages and towns for centuries. By harnessing the power of the wind, they offer clean energy. National Windmill Day commemorates the history of the windmill in early societies, but also the future of wind energy. It originated in Holland, where more than 950 windmills open their doors on this day for public tours and viewings and offer information on the construction and operation of these fascinating machines. (National Windmill Day May 13, 2023, n.d.)

I thought it might be fun if we embarked on our own commemoration of sorts for the windmill by reviving this exercise of the same name. Some of you may remember the windmill from back in the day when calisthenics were a regular part of PE (short for physical education, for my younger readers). I certainly remember them along with jumping jacks, push-ups and the always traumatic rope climb. Believe it or not, that gym-class regimen was actually a decent full body workout.  The windmill exercise works your entire body but especially targets your shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, core, and back. But even further, this exercise will strengthen some of the smaller stabilizing muscles as well. Performing this exercise regularly and correctly will build strength in your core and increase both your shoulder mobility and flexibility. (The Windmill Exercise: You Need To Try This Powerhouse Move!, n.d.)

For anyone who has never heard of a windmill, here are the instructions for the bodyweight version (modern day classes often use variations of this exercise with weights or kettlebells). Stand with your feet shoulder to hip width apart. Raise one arm overhead and slowly slide your other arm down your leg keeping your eyes on the raised arm. Once you reach your ankle, lift yourself up and repeat the entire movement on the other side. While this move is not complicated, it does require strength and a good range of motion in your shoulders and your back. As a reminder, always check with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise regimen. (, 2022)

Create your own schedule or follow along with Tycor as we Windmill Our Way through May! 


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