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March Wellness: Out With the Old

March Wellness: Out With the Old

| March 01, 2022

I imagine you have all heard the idiom “out with the old and in with the new.” The phrase speaks to the idea of leaving old ideas or possessions behind and starting fresh with new ones.  As Spring is right around the corner on the 20th of March, it seemed only fitting that we participate in some traditional Spring cleaning of our own by celebrating National Old Stuff Day on March 2nd. Now maybe some of you were unaware that such a day existed. I can tell you it’s real and it’s the day of the year when people across the country declutter their lives, their homes or their mindset and start new. The idea behind it is to get creative--find new ways to either appreciate or say goodbye to old stuff in your life. (National Old Stuff Day, March 2, 2022, n.d.)

Often, we find a reason to hold on to things that we will never use again. But we convince ourselves that we might. Those “I may use this again one day” objects can really start to accumulate and before you know it, you have a pile of clutter. This may not only apply to your home, but to your office or desk as well.  National Old Stuff Day offers us two options. The first is quick and easy, but potentially more painful which is to dispose of it (i.e., donate, gift, throw away) in whatever means seem most suitable. The second may be less painful but requires more energy. Take the object and breathe new life into it. This path may require a good cleaning or a nice coat of paint. Either way, make it over and secure its rightful place in your life once again. (National Old Stuff Day, n.d.)

You can also celebrate National Old Stuff Day by trying something new, that is to break one of your old habits. Maybe you could alter the way you drive to work, or fold the clothes or grocery shop? Is there a more efficient and more enjoyable way to do something in your life? Much like the forgotten personal possession that is being revived, reflect on an aspect of how you operate that could use a little TLC. We get so used to our routine because it’s comfortable. If we examine and evaluate certain areas of our lives, we may find room for improvement. (National Old Stuff Day, n.d.)

Hanging onto objects we never found a use for does not motivate us, instead those items become talismans of guilt and shame. We “hoped” we would use them again, but when we don’t, ultimately, we just feel bad. In a similar way, we may find that there is a daily task that we dread only because we have not taken the time to search for an innovative way to approach it. Let’s get rid of this “stuff” that is weighing us down both physically and emotionally on National Old Stuff Day. Better yet, let’s do it all month! Tycor’s March “Out with the Old Challenge” is to remove or revive either one approach to life or object in your possession each week. It’s a long month, so that’s five mini-challenges total. The Challenge goal--to March into Spring feeling both productive and invigorated! (Porter, n.d.)

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