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Keys to Developing Your Financial Flight Plan

| July 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major diversion to our normal way of life so far in 2020. How have your finances weathered the storm?

In flying, not much happens on an aircraft that wasn’t previously built into a flight plan. Your finances are just like this…have you asked yourself if you have a financial 'flight plan'?

In my recent Webinar, Keys to Developing Your Financial Flight Plan, I covered points you may want to consider if you either don't have a financial flight plan or are wondering if you've gotten off course.

- Expect to see and plan for turbulence (i.e. market volatility) along the way.
- Plan to adjust your course along your journey. Your financial plan is not a one-time event; you may experience changes in job/income, major expenses, an inheritance, etc.
- Take the emotion out of your investment thought process and keep a long-term view of your financial journey.

Check out the Webinar replay HERE -- and contact us at 610-251-0670 or info@tycorbenefit if you would like to discuss!