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June Wellness: The Benefits of the Bicycle…Crunch

June Wellness: The Benefits of the Bicycle…Crunch

| May 26, 2022

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of riding a bicycle. It is not only a simple and sustainable means of transportation, but it is good for our physical and mental health. June 3rd, 2022, is World Bicycle Day created for the advocacy and celebration of the humble bicycle all over the world.  Bicycling is quite a useful activity in that it can take us where we want to go and allows us to exercise our muscles while doing it. Millions of people around the world use a bicycle as their primary means of transportation, meaning they get a healthy dose of physical activity as part of their daily routines. World Bicycle Day is the day of the year created to join these riders as a special celebration of one of history’s best inventions. (World Bicycle Day-June 3rd, 2022, n.d.)

As a symbolic joining of all of those riding a bicycle, we thought it might be fun to spend the month of June bicycle…crunching.  See how we did that? Not only will we be acknowledging the benefit of the bicycle ride, but we’ll also be strengthening our core at the same time! Genius, right? 

You probably already knew that bicycle crunches were ideal to tone the midsection and slim down the waist, but because they require raising your legs, you also work your deep core and tone your thighs using both your hamstrings and quads to execute the cycling motion. Need more convincing? Well in addition to targeting the core muscles and thighs, bicycle crunches mix cardio and strength. You can speed up the tempo and work on endurance and increase your heart rate or slow them down to build strength. And finally, our favorite quality, they require no equipment and can be done anywhere (even in a cubicle if you bring an exercise mat to work).  (Buick, 2021)

The invention of the Bicycle dates back to the early 19th century, and while its history is not nearly as captivating, the bicycle crunch has been a staple in the fitness world for a long time. Pretty sure I remember Jane Fonda doing bicycle crunches in her workout videos back in the early 80s. Now, normally I would provide basic instructions on how to do a bicycle crunch, but not this time. Please google videos and guided step by step tutorials as you want to be sure you are maintaining correct form when performing this exercise. Common mistakes of Bicycle Crunches are pulling on your neck, closing your chest, and arching your lower back. Once you have the technique down, follow along with us for the month of June on Tycor's Benefits of Biking Challenge. We may not reach an actual physical destination on this particular bike ride, but hopefully we’ll reach new heights in our fitness level!

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