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February Wellness:  De-Stress with Acupressure

February Wellness: De-Stress with Acupressure

| January 24, 2024

Welcome to February, which depending on your source, is said to be one of--if not the coldest month of the year. Let me break down the science for you in laymen’s terms. The reason it’s frigid outside is due to the low sun angle and the cumulative cooling of the Earth. The sun angle is low all winter long starting with the winter solstice in December (aka shortest day of the year). But the land and water continue to cool down all throughout the winter. And it’s not until March that the sun angle is high enough to stop that cooling process and temperatures begin to warm up again. Thus, January and February=coldest months. End of science lesson. Ok, what’s my point? Different seasons call for different tactics to address our wellness needs. Just like nature takes the winter off to rest up for Spring, we need to do the same. So, we are going to focus this month on relaxation and rejuvenation by way of something new to the Tycor wellness catalog with our:  Acupressure: De-Stress Challenge. (Haby)

Acupressure has been around for thousands of years with its roots resting in traditional Chinese medicine. The theory behind it is this. There are special “points” that lie along the 12 major meridians or channels in your body. Through these channels flow energy or chi (life force). They connect specific organs throughout your body and “communicate” with one another. If one of these meridians is blocked, illness occurs. Acupressure uses pressure rather than needles (acupuncture) to help release the blockage by altering the energy and restoring balance in the body. By applying pressure to these acupoints on the body’s meridians, one can restore health and balance and regulate the opposing forces in the body. Ultimately by using pressure to shift the energy in our bodies, we can heal ourselves. (Stuart, 2021)

Many of us limit our activity in the winter. The days are shorter, it’s cold outside and just altogether harder to muster up any motivation. This instinct is natural (think of Mr. Bear hibernating in the hollow tree). Animals use the wintertime to store up energy and resources for the Spring and Summer when the days are longer, and their natural instinct is to be out and about. In addition, that winter chill in the air reduces blood circulation which can then exacerbate chronic pain and arthritis making us REALLY not want to budge. Acupressure can help alleviate stiffness and discomfort by locating these acupoints,  which when activated, will circulate the blood and move the chi. Outside of pain relief, acupressure is also said to increase the flow of endorphins and be beneficial for headaches, stress and anxiety. (Corrales, 2022)

If you are like me and are a complete beginner, you have several options to learn more about this ancient practice. If your goal is an extensive understanding of the history and technique, you can check out free online acupressure courses. There are a slew of online videos on acupressure where you have the option to follow along with practitioners who will teach you critical acupoints in 8 minutes or less. Not into videos? Check out Amazon, Barnes & Noble in store or online or your local bookstore and find an Acupressure for Beginners Step-by-Step guide.  Acupressure is relatively easy to learn and is known for its limited side effects and affordability. With practice, it can be done at home, but as always, we do recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new wellness regime.

This month’s challenge will represent dipping a toe into the world of Acupressure. I think it’s fair to say that most of us deal with bouts of anxiety at some point or another--potentially several times a day.  Let’s create an introductory self-care routine using Acupressure to help reduce everyday stress for the entire month. Set aside a few minutes Every Other Day for the month of February. Sit or Lie Down in a comfortable position. Relax, close your eyes. Place your thumb or index finger at the midpoint between your eyebrows—often referred to as the third eye. Rub this Acupoint in a circular motion and Breathe Deeply. Begin with gentle pressure and increase to firm pressure for 1-3 minutes.  The goal here is to calm the mind. (Raypole, 2023)

Hopefully you will find that this practice alleviates stress in your body while just sitting at your desk or in the comfort of your living room wearing your cozy socks!  Join Tycor in our Acupressure De-Stress Challenge. Sending winter wellness wishes your way. 😊

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