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Health Care Acronyms

We've compiled a list of the most important ones so you can quickly look up anything you don't know as you make the most of your health insurance plan.

ACA: (Patient Protection and) Affordable Care Act

AD&D: Accidental Death and Dismemberment

ADA: American with Disabilities Act of 1990

AMA: American Medical Association

APTC: Advanced Premium Tax Credit

ASC: Ambulatory Surgery Center

Auth: Authorization

CDHP: Consumer-Directed Health Plan

CHIP: Children's Health Insurance Program

CMS: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (previously HCFA)

COB: Coordination of Benefits

COBRA: Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (extension of coverage)

COI: Certificate of Insurance

DME: Durable Medical Equipment

DOL: Department of Labor

DOS: Date of Service

E & L: Exclusions and Limitations

EAP: Employee Assistance Program

EMT: Emergency Medical Technician

EOB: Explanation of Benefits

EOC: Evidence of Coverage (HMO / POS Plan Documentation)

ER: Emergency Room

ERISA: Employee Retirement Income Security Act

FFS: Fee for Service

FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act

FSA: Flexible Spending Account

HDHP: High-Deductible Health Plan

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HMO: Health Maintenance Organization

HRA: Health Reimbursement Account

HSA: Health Savings Account

LTD: Long Term Disability

MOOP: Maximum Out of Pocket

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

NAIC: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NCQA: National Committee for Quality Assurance

NPI: National Provider Identifier

OOA: Out of Area

OOP: Out of Pocket

OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Act

OTC: Over the Counter

OV: Office Visit

P&T: Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

Par: Participating

PCP: Primary Care Physician

PHA: Personal Health Assessment

PHI: Protected Health Information

POS: Point of Service

PPACA: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

PPO: Preferred Provider Organization

Pre-auth: Pre-Authorization

Pre-X: Pre-existing Conditions

QHP: Qualified Health Plan

ROI: Release of Information

RX: Prescription

SBC: Uniform Summary of Benefits and Coverage

SF: Self-Funded

SNF: Skilled Nursing Facility

ST: Speech Therapy

STD: Short-Term Disability

TPA: Third-Party Administrator

TRICARE: Managed Healthcare System for military families

UCC: Urgent Care Center

WC: Worker's Compensation

WIC: Women, Infants and Children (supplemental food program)

YTD: Year to Date