How We Work





Over time, most of our clients find they have financial needs in four different areas:

Employee Benefit Plans

There is nothing more essential to the success of a business than attracting and retaining quality employees.  We believe Benefit Mapping is an exclusive Tycor service that helps determine the effectiveness of the group benefits.  We offer many approaches to assist employers in both choosing and administering employee benefit plans.

Retirement Plans

We believe successful businesses offer competitive retirement programs to help ensure that, over time, they attract and retain valuable employees.  Tycor has long been recognized for helping clients design, implement and administer both, Qualified and Non-Qualified, plans that met their needs.  Our licensed investment professionals have access to a variety of financial programs that help achieve both individual and business retirement goals.

Financial Plans

The financial decisions you must make over the course of a lifetime can prove overwhelming without a solid financial plan in place.   Trust Tycor professionals to guide you through the volume of information available, help answer your questions, and effectively address your financial needs.  Tycor utilizes an integrated planning approach, tying various strategies into one comprehensive plan.

Wealth Plans

For the few who achieve it, real wealth carries with it both blessings and burdens.   Tycor understands responsible planning goes well beyond finances and taxes.  The Tycor Guidance System®  helps you preserve the work of a lifetime while creating a worthwhile legacy.

Using the Tycor Guidance System® helps ensure that when the time comes, you will make coordinated decisions in each related area.  Ideally, our goal is to make all four plans work together for your benefit.  We call this YOUR MASTER PLANTM. 

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