Tycor Guidance System

In today’s complex financial world, there is no shortage of information available; yet how you use the information you acquire is important to meeting your financial goals. 

  • The professionals at Tycor can help you take the guesswork out of financial planning with the Tycor Guidance System®. 
  • Tycor partners with specialists, and will introduce the appropriate person to match your  values, needs, and philosophy. 
  • By partnering with Tycor, you can obtain peace of mind from a quality, professional relationship formed with Tycor. 

Why choose Tycor as your complete financial guidance resource? 

  • We provide financial specialists in the areas of employee benefit planning, qualified and non-qualified retirement planning, financial planning, and investment management. 
  • Working together, our financial professionals have the capability to address your concerns and produce results from one central location – without hassles or headaches.


Article: Exploring Your Other PPACA Options: Excepted Benefits

How do employers from around the country attract new talent and/or reward their most important people with better health benefits -- without increasing everyone's tax obligations under PPACA? 

Learn more about excepted benefits in our article, Exploring Your Other PPACA Options: Excepted Benefits.

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Article: RMDs Can Create Future Tax Savings

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are generally required from IRA accounts and employer sponsored plans after turning the age of 70 ½. Either the income is needed now to continue the current lifestyle or not needed at the present time. For those that do not need the income now, there are tax implications each year as the RMD must be taken

For guidance on this matter, please see our helpful resource, RMDs Can Create Future Tax Savings A Tycor representative is happy to speak with you to answer your questions.